Chanel creations by Igor innovative appreciation

After Chanel (Coco Chanel) fame, met Russian composer Igor Stravinsky (Stravinsky Igorgor), Igor with his wife and young children, to the French show “The Rite of Spring.” “The Rite of Spring” at the time in terms of avant-garde art of the stage, the French do not accept, Igor underappreciated. Chanel creations by Igor innovative appreciation, she will not only continue to subsidize the creation of Igor, let Igor and his wife and children moved to the mansion with her live together. Igor’s wife sick, beautiful and sexy Chanel independent proximity, Bedroom and the name of a married man Igor happen “”

Igor pains wife to her husband, said she woke up every morning, always smell the rotting smell, the beginning thought it was indoor flowers, and finally found his body turned out to be one begins in decay. But also because of her remarks, Igor later when Chanel lingering, filled with struggle. When Irina depend on others to take the kids to leave the luxury of Chanel, write letters but also people impressed, she Chanel said: I have great respect for your generosity, but can not respect your ethics. In addition to fashion, Chanel also introduced in 1921 Chanel No 5 perfume, actress Nicole Kidman (NicoleKidman) as spokesman for No 5 perfume bottle is a very a decorative arts (Art Deco) taste of the bottle. The “double C” logo let this bottle of Chanel perfume become history’s most profitable products, and on Hengyuan time corridor enduring, so far in Chanel’s official website is still the highlights of the product.

Three to four years, World War II broke out, Coco Chanel shop her son switched off, and the love of the Nazi officer refuge Switzerland. In 1954, Coco returned to France, Chanel comeback with her usual succinct style of women’s nature, then quickly captured a public Bali Shi woman. Short thick wool coat, bell-bottoms, and so are the works of Coco Chanel postwar period. Or just talk about the post-war Chanel style has been kept simple and expensive Lai, multi-purpose Tartan plaid or Nordic geometric print, and often spend tweed (tweed) made clothing, comfortable and natural.

Coco Chanel1971, German designer Karl Lagerfeld to become the soul of the brand Chanel. Since 1983, he has served as chief designer of Chanel, the Chanel fashion towards another peak. There is an interesting place worthy of mention, is the brand created nearly nine decades, have never had a men’s clothing until the autumn and winter 2005/2006 series was made available just a few pieces of men.

Chanel’s life are not married, she created a great fashion empire, while pursuing the life you want, which itself is the best example of female autonomy, and most know new era of women’s feelings of pleasure. She and the British aristocracy ETIENNE BALSAN contacts, other funding she opened the first millinery shop, while another ARTHUR CAPEL open fashion shops are funded; she was traveling together with the Duke of Westminster, inspired to design the first tweed suit ; life every man has the source of stimulating creativity, she is not alone luck, but serious work very hard! Even until the age of 70 she still return shall serve. Chanel Group in 1983 as director of the fashion Karl Lagerfeld, but so far every new season is still the spirit of Chanel design.

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Chanel founder Gabrielle Chanel in 1913 Chanel was founded in Paris

Chanel founder Gabrielle Chanel in 1913 Chanel was founded in Paris, Chanel’s products range from clothing, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, each product is known, especially her perfume and fashion. Chanel (CHANEL) is a famous brand in 80 years of experience, Chanel Fashion has always elegant, simple, elegant style, she good at breaking the traditional, early 40 successfully “tied up” the ladies into the simple, comfortable It is perhaps the first modern casual wear. Another is called Chanel and American child star of “Chanel” in the name of the movie works

Founders Chanel founder Coco Chanel formerly “Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel”, Chinese name: Gabrielle. Bonaire Chanel

1883 Born in Saumur, France. She was twelve years old his mother died, his father even leave her four brothers and sisters. Since then, she made her

Aunt dependent adult, a child admitted to convent school (Convent School), and there learned hand sewing skills. In her twenty-year-old that year, namely 1905, she became a “Café singer” (Cafe singer), and played the stage name “Coco”, in different music clubs and cafes sing-song living. During this showgirl career, Coco has to meet two old customers and become their lover, confidante, a British industrialist, the other a wealthy officer. Meet dignitaries, so COCO have the economic ability to open their own shop.

In 1910, Coco opened a women’s hat shop child (millinery shop) in Paris, with extraordinary sewing skills, sew a simple and engaging another top style hat. Two of her friends as she introduced a lot of celebrity guests. At that time the ladies are tired of fancy trim, so simple Chanel hat on their Oasis is like a general cool. In just one year, the business is rising, Coco moved her shop child temperament fashion (fashionable) of Rue Cambon, since this area is still a base Chanel headquarters. Absolutely do not meet the Coco hat fashion career ambitions, so she into couture (Haute Couture) field.

In 1914, Coco opened two boutiques, a far-reaching impact on future generations of fashion brand Chanel declared the official birth.

Into the Twenties, Chanel designed a number of innovative models, such as knit sailor dress (tricot sailor dress), black miniskirt (little black dress), bottle collar sets of clothes and so on. Moreover, Coco get inspiration from the men, for the ladies man added a little more flavor, a women’s over-year change Profusion gorgeous fashion. For example, a suit jacket (Blazer) to join women’s series, launched women’s pants. Do not forget that in the twenties women will wear a skirt. Coco This series of creation as a significant revolution in the history of modern fashion. Coco on the unique fashion aesthetic insight and a rare talent, so she made a lot of poets, painters and intellectuals.

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